Know-How The HR Management of Intslate is Working Even In This 13th Day Of Lockdown

Know-How The HR Management of Intslate is Working Even In This 13th Day Of Lockdown

As we all know the country of India is amidst the 21 days of lockdown to be safe from the thump of coronavirus. At this time of spreading pandemic attacks, avoiding social gatherings and staying safe at home is the only best key. Following this consent, all the sectors are either shut or are running in the online platform which is being managed by employees and its system at home.

However, work from home is being encouraged more and more. Therefore, effective management of work is essential at this time.

Intslate, the School Management Software in Ranchi is still running its HR and Payroll Management wisely even in the period of lockdown.

Know-How Intslate is Managing its HR and Payroll Activities

During this lockdown, the majority of organizations and institutions are shifting to the online portal and dashboard. Therefore, at this time of the digital shift, maintaining the organization with proper HR Management is mandatory for systematic maintenance of work schedule and to ultimately bring profit and accountability.

Intslate is running its HR Management through the listed points :

  • Proper online attendance and time management of employees working from home.
  • The online monitoring system that compiles every project in one system for easy accessibility and data.
  • Refined system administration and attentive role of users through digital interaction.
  • Disciplinary tracking of employees and staff working from home.
  • Digital compliance training.
  • The proper float of documentation and data with security through online mode i.e document management.
  • Refined leave and time-off management.
  • Standard updates of the organization’s chart.
  • Regular updates of the work schedule and its management.
  • Genuine performance and recruitment.
  • Online tracking of expenses.
  • Elegant team management through online media.


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