Lessons We Can Learn This Festive Season – Diwali Teachings

Lessons We Can Learn This Festive Season – Diwali Teachings

Teachings of this Festive Season: Diwali is celebrated as a mark of good over evil and the reason behind the celebrations is the return of Lord Rama to Ayodhya after 14 years of exile. But, little did we know that India has many other reasons too for celebrating this festival.

Today we will be talking one another reason behind celebrating Diwali. One of the holy books of Hindus – The great epic “Mahabharata” reveals that The Pandavas returned to Hastinapur on Kartik Purnima after 12 years of banishment given to them as a result of their defeat in ‘Shatranj’ (chess) against Kauravas. The common people decorated and lighted the whole kingdom with bright earthen lamps to celebrate the joyous occasion and welcome them.

Every character of Mahabharat taught us something and here we will be talking life lessons taught by the main protagonists of the epic –

  1. Single-Minded Focus is The key to Success

Arjuna: The Skilled Archer, one of the main protagonists and was a skilled archer. He was the favorite pupil of Guru Dronacharya because of his undivided concentration/focus and courage.

Thus, with focus, we can prevent unnecessary diversions and with courage, we can be adamant on our path towards a goal. The focus will enable easy and timely achievement of our pre-defined goals, leading us to the ladder of success.

  1. Think Before You Speak

It is always said – words once said are like the arrow shot from a bow and can never be taken back. A person should always speak politely and avoid using harsh words as it might hurt someone to an extent that the consequences shall be unbearable.

Historians believe that the battle between the Kauravas and the Pandavas happened because of Draupadi‘s harsh words against Duryodhana.

  1. Half Knowledge Is Dangerous

Doesn’t matter how confident you are about the knowledge you hold; one should never put their nose in when the knowledge is incomplete. Half knowledge leads you halfway and will never let you achieve your goals.

Abhimanyu; Arjuna’s son knew that he only knew to enter the ‘Chakravyuh’ and he would not be able to break it. As a result, he lost his life in the war.

  1. Greed Takes Away All

Greed is nothing but never-ending wants. The desire to have everything at any cost and leads a human on the path where he performs all the wrong deeds and even loses what he has.

Yudhishtra was a kind, generous soul and was the most mature Pandava, still in the lure of satisfying his greed he lost his kingdom, brothers, and his wife in a gamble.

                               ENTREPRENEURSHIP INSIGHTS

With rigorous efforts and progression, we leave behind certain foot-prints as clues for others’ benefit. The above-mentioned teachings are for sure lessons for life but these points have an entrepreneurship insight too….

  1. Single-minded focus guards us against deviating from our goals.
  2. Don’t make vague commitments and think before you make any commitment to your stakeholders and customers.
  3. Know your market & customers well; before launching or modifying your product to avoid loss of time, money, and goodwill, because half knowledge is dangerous!
  4. Don’t be greedy for success as success comes with struggle and hard work. Greed can take away everything.

Doing work religiously motivates us and we tend to stay enthusiastic all the time. Learning from other’s story and our own mistakes might help us to reach the heights of success because facts may modify or change, but will never disappear on account of your excellency.


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