How Online Learning Is Becoming The New Normal In The Wake Of COVID-19

How Online Learning Is Becoming The New Normal In The Wake Of COVID-19

Online Learning: In the stir of coronavirus rising all around the world, different sectors along with people are suffering from its negative impact. The phases of lockdown, being implemented for the sake of people’s safety has brought a stop in the normal working environment of various platforms. Meanwhile, the education world has started to adopt the functional e-learning program to steer clear the fundamental loss of students.

Amidst the growing thump of Covid-19, Intslate, being the School Management Software has taken necessary steps to outgrow and run the educational institutions out of all odds safely and securely.

The shifting of educational institutions to the online portal in this digital era has boosted online-learning to be the new normal even in the upcoming days.

Online Learning by Intslate: A Blessing in Disguise for Students and Teachers

“Leaving no stone unturned, online learning this year has been a bliss for the entire educational world!”

Though the regular school system is not being implemented physically, that doesn’t mean you have to put a brake on that. Online Learning Management System is an eternal room for students and teachers where they can put forth and take advantage of the regular school schedule.

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Where Intslate used to work as a School ERP for the educational institutions by managing their administrative, academic, and managerial systems easily and precisely. On the other hand, it has converted schools into a paperless campus by overtaking their paperwork and inculcating them into an online dashboard that requires no manpower.

Your students and teachers are bounded to stay at home as per the government’s order, but you don’t need to worry about that.

Connect To Your Students and Halt The Thump of Coronavirus

With no nuisance, you can connect to your students and provide them classes, assignments, classwork, homework, project, etc. just like a regular working day of school by staying safe at home. The assigned teachers of each subject and class of your school can upload all sorts of an online class, notes, assignments, etc, in their portal. Those will be viewed by their students in the student login panel. Students can access their panel easily anytime and anywhere as per their wish. The video lectures that the teacher’s upload can be viewed by students ‘n’ number of times to have a clear concept of each chapter and topic. In case, if they face difficulty in any section of their syllabus, they can easily seek help from their mentor or teacher.

This online learning system by Intslalte has lowered the load of schools of completing the syllabus at the peak point. Now, you can even arrange online examination and generate results to avoid all disruption being caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Additionally, the Student  Performance Analytics module of Intslate will help teachers focus on the weak areas and subjects of each student wisely and productively.


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