How Intslate’s School ERP Enhances the Experience of Parents and Students

How Intslate’s School ERP Enhances the Experience of Parents and Students

In the era of technology and modernization, schools work on the system of School Management Software that eases their workload. It also helps them run their entire administrative, academic, and managerial system precisely and effectively. Intslate, adhering to these has additionally upgraded schools into a paperless campus.

Where schools are following the latest trends of the digital world, Intslate with the help of its School ERP has brought out ways through which the parents, as well as the students, can be molded to take advantage of the exclusive technological system.

Advantages of School ERP for the Students and Their Parents

Since the day School ERP system has come into existence, it has upgraded the experience of the students who study in schools being managed by the School Management Software. However, it has also enhanced the experience of their parents in certain ways that have consequently made them worry less about their kids.

  1. Admission and Registration – Parents and students can register for admission for the school by sitting back at home in a single go. The process requires easy steps and even if one wants to enquire, he/she can seek help and support from the helpdesk that is 24×7 available.
  2. Online Attendance – The School Management Software helps the school to generate RFID attendance system, through which the attendance of students automatically gets updated while they arrive at school. The same is followed when they depart from school. The data gets uploaded with details of time too! In case, a student doesn’t arrive at school, the system sends a message to his/her parent to keep them informed about the attendance status of their children.
  3. GPS Tracking – The parents who send their children to school through the school’s transport often have to wait long for the arrival of the bus, van, or other school’s vehicles. The School ERP system helps them track their kid’s transport location for the convenience and safety of the students.
  4. School Circular – School ERP updates the regular events, programs, and exhibitions of the school. Also, It originates the notice and examination information from the schools’end to the student’s and parent’s online portal. This informs the parents about the regular happenings within the school campus.
  5. Student Performance Analytics – The performance of each student in the class and other curricular activities is regularly posted in the online School ERP system. It is easily accessible to the parents too. The parents get a regular update of their children and their performance in the class, exam, and other activities.
  6. Online Fee Payment – As the schools are getting digitized by the School ERP, it has brought comfort to the parent’s work schedule too. Where parents or guardians find it difficult to visit the school regularly for the payment of their kid’s fee. Intslate has now also brought the module of online fee payment which can be done easily by handy mobile application or online portal anytime and anywhere as per parent’s wish.
  7. Classroom Program – The students of each class can easily study by logging in through their portal once they reach home. The portal includes all sorts of daily assignments, homework, projects, and notes as assigned by their teacher.



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